Premiere: A Complicated Story

A Complicated Story had its world premiere at the Hong Kong International Film Festival tonight.  Some of the practiced smiles were familiar to Hong Kong audiences, but the movie had a twist: it came out of a film student’s MFA project.  A Complicated Story was directed by Kiwi Chow, who just graduated with an MFA from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.  Actors Deanie Ip, Stephanie Che, Zhu Zhiying, and one fellow whose name is unfortunately Zi Yi (leading to Google, and therefore your humble reporter, being unable to distinguish him from the famous martial arts actress/model) turned up for photos at the Grand Cinema in Elements mall.  One floor below, a children’s hockey team was having practice on the ice rink.  The entire event had a relaxed air, and Deanie Ip, who wore amazing fishnet gloves, joked around about her poor Mandarin with the reporters.  The actors were gracious and friendly as they posed for the press.  Stay tuned for Olivia’s review of the film!


2 thoughts on “Premiere: A Complicated Story

  1. Caitlin, just to provide a little more background. Kiwi graduated from the undergrad BFA as a Directing major student and subsequently entered the MFA programme. The MFA at the School of Film and TV at HKAPA is ground-breaking in that it provides a platform for entire cohorts to collaborate making a feature length film. Individuals don’t make graduation projects – auteurs are not encouraged – films are complex artifacts requiring a range of creative skills. The MFA in Film Production acknowledges and nurtures the diverse range of skills necessary to bring a feature film to completion. Hope you enjoyed the first feature-length film from the programme and look out for screenings of our undergrad work in June!

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